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Why Fall is the Best Time for Your Interior Painting Job

Do you live in Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex? Are you looking into giving a fresh look for your home’s interior paint

Fall is the perfect time for interior painting and here is why

There isn’t exactly an “interior painting” season, but that doesn’t meant that all seasons are created equal when it comes to getting an interior painting job done. Late summer and fall are ideal times for interior painting because the weather is warm enough to allow your paint to dry, yet generally cool enough for you to leave the windows open to let the fumes out. Here are some things to consider if you’re ready to hire professional painters for an interior paint job this year:


Ideal conditions for an indoor paint job call for cool (but not cold) temperatures and low humidity. Humidity affects paint as it dries, and if too much moisture gets onto the paint during the drying process, the paint can crack and peel instead of drying smoothly. It’s best to schedule your interior painting job for a time when storms aren’t looming as they generally are accompanied by high humidity. If scheduling around the weather just isn’t an option, consider investing in a dehumidifier and keep the A/C on to minimize the amount of moisture in the air.

Hire the pros

A lot of homeowners think they can tackle interior painting on their own only to find out that the job is a lot more than they can handle. Avoid making mistakes the first time around by hiring professionals to paint for you. Eagle Painting Company will work with you to customize your interior painting project to suit your needs, and will take care of everything from prep work to clean up. We work efficiently but carefully, so every job is a work of art and every customer is satisfied. If you’re tired of looking at walls that need a new paint job, contact us today and ask about a free estimate.

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