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Warm Weather Means it’s Time for Exterior Painting

What does warm weather means when you’re a homeowner in Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex? Here are some Exterior Painting Tips

The heat in texas is damaging to your house’s exterior painting. You need a fresh coat of Paint. Checkout some exterior painting Tips

With summer in full swing and fall just around the corner, it means that it’s time to start those exterior painting projects if you haven’t already. A fresh coat of paint on outdoor objects, like your home, porch, benches, or swings, adds years of life to them, and refreshes their overall look.

So to get the most out of the things that you love most, here are some simple exterior painting tips.

– Try to paint in a shaded area when beginning.

This is particularity true if you are painting large objects, like your home. Then, as the sun moves across the sky, move with it so that you are always working in the shade, which is good for you, and great for the paint.

– Always work from the top down.

This applies to large and small objects alike. On your home, for example, begin with the eaves and gutters first, then move down the house as needed.

-Paint when the temperate is higher

– Not that this will be a problem in mid-summer, but avoid painting when the temperatures drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

-Check the forecast

– It goes without saying, but never paint if rain is in the forecast. Check the weather before you begin a lengthy project. Plan around bad weather when possible.

– Prep surfaces before you begin.

Think of it as part of the painting process. Putty any holes, and hammer down nails so they aren’t in the way. If you are painting part of your home, caulk around windows and doors before you start, and ensure that they dry before you paint over them.

– Care for your rollers and brushes.

If taking a break for the day, wrap your supplies with plastic to keep the paint fresh. Replace all paint can lids to prevent them from developing a film. Exterior Painting Tips For more information on how we can help you with your exterior painting projects, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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