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Eagle Painting’s Wallpaper Removal Service

Wallpaper Removal - Eagle Painting Company


Wallpaper is one of your top choices for changing the look of your home. And why not? It offers so many designs, colors, patterns, and more to your space, particularly to your home’s interior. Your home could look stylish without any need for you to spend too much.

However, your wallpaper would eventually need to be removed and replaced. There are plenty of possible reasons why it will need to be removed. It could be because the design of the wallpaper is already out of style, affected by mold, or damaged by wear and tear. 

Clearly, wallpaper removal is inevitable. But the problem is, that it can be a challenging and time-consuming process. Obviously, it’s a difficult and complicated task for homeowners who aren’t used to doing it. 

Leave your wallpaper removal project to us at Eagle Painting. We’re capable of doing it efficiently without doing any harm to the surrounding areas. We have a simple process that allows us to complete the job in the fastest time possible. You can rely on our experience and expertise to finish the job.

Wallpaper Removal - Eagle Painting Company

Benefits of Wallpaper Removal

Aside from what was mentioned, it would also help to talk about the benefits of wallpaper removal. Sure, there are the obvious ones like meeting the need to remove old wallpaper that’s already worn and damaged. 

Another benefit of removing your old wallpaper and replacing it with a new one is that your home gets an updated look. You’ll be able to keep up with the latest styles and both the look and feel of your home’s interior will be in tune with the latest trends. It could also help if you’re simply bored with your old wallpaper. Removing the old one is the first step in changing to a better and fresher look – and you got to hire the best contractor for that.

Our Wallpaper Removal Process

We have our own unique process for our wallpaper removal service. It was meant to simplify the process and achieve maximum efficiency.

Step 1

The initial step of our process is preparation. This involves the application of a non-toxic solution to your old wallpaper so that removing it will be easier.

Step 2

Next comes the removal. In the actual removal o the old wallpaper, the process is steady and methodical while being aided by specialized tools. This is to ensure that the wall underneath is spared from damage or to at least avoid making any unnecessary mess.

Step 3

The last step is the cleanup. To clean and remove any leftover adhesive and also to correct any minor imperfections that might be on the surface, we’re going to wash the walls. In order to finish everything off, we’re going to sand the whole surface to achieve a beautiful and uniform finish. You can then check on the finished surface and decide whether you want us to apply any paint or if want to do something else with it.

Wallpaper removal is not something that should be handled by going DIY (do-it-yourself). It should be handled by experts to save time, effort, and money – especially on the part of homeowners. So if you ever feel that it’s time to remove your old wallpaper and get a new one, just call us at Eagle Painting so we can do it for you!

Wallpaper Removal - Eagle Painting Company
Wallpaper Removal - Eagle Painting Company
Wallpaper Removal - Eagle Painting Company
Wallpaper Removal - Eagle Painting Company

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