House Painters: Interior & Exterior Residential Painting in Southlake, TX

Your home is an investment and an extension of your personality. With Eagle Painting Company’s residential painting services, you can show off your character through color, texture, and various finishes. We have over thirty years of experience doing interior and exterior house painting and guarantee superior service no matter what part of your Southlake home we paint. If you are a homeowner who wants their house to stand out to friends, family, and visitors, our painting contractors can help.

Southlake-Area Interior House Painting

Whatever your mood or personality, Eagle Painting Company can show you a shade that will express that. Our Southlake painting contractors know that certain rooms require paint with certain properties: bathrooms need paint that can stand up to humidity, kitchens require paint that won’t be affected by heat from cooking, and laundry rooms need to be able to handle heavy foot traffic. Our exceptional Southlake house painters can help you decide what rooms need what paint, and then we will get to coating the walls with it.

Residential Painting and Glazing in Southlake

Here at Eagle Painting Company, our painters have the expertise to provide the spaces at your house with a professional look through a slew of faux finishes, textures, and glazes. Our team in Southlake has the tools to recreate the appearance of natural and artificial materials and to replicate vintage stylings for unique designs. We can also do glaze painting, which adds a multilayer blended effect to colors and provides the appearance of texture while remaining smooth to the touch. No matter what look you want, our Southlake staff can make it happen.

Exterior Painting for Southlake Residences

If you are tired of the exterior of your Southlake home having fading or peeling paint, Eagle Painting Company’s team of exterior house painters can help. Our painting contractors are outfitted with the proper materials and tools to do residential painting upon any material, whether its brick, stucco, wood, or vinyl siding. We have a team of color specialists to assist clients in Southlake with bringing character to the outside of their residences, whether it be through a bright color or accent shades for shutters, doors, and garages. 

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At Eagle Painting Company in Southlake, we’ll always ensure that the final product is something that you and your family will be happy with for years to come. Contact us today for a free estimate and we’ll provide you with prompt, honest service.