Need Help Fixing an Interior Painting Job You Tried on Your Own?

Need Help Fixing an Interior Painting Job You Tried on Your Own?

Did you try painting a room in your house, but found it just didn’t turn out the way you expected? When you were finished, did you notice little problems here and there that made you feel you needed to do the whole interior painting job over again to get it right? That can be so frustrating. The good news is that most of these interior painting mistakes have simple fixes that you can try yourself or can call Eagle Painting Company for help!

1. Paint on the Ceiling

Did you accidentally get paint on your ceiling? If it’s still wet, you can apply window cleaner to it to wipe it away. Or if it’s dry, you can touch it up with a flat white paint or ceiling paint. When touching up the paint on the ceiling, make sure to use painter’s tape and a plastic tarp to cover the wall you just painted so you don’t accidentally get any touch-up paint on the wall.

2. Paint on the Carpet

Is there paint on your carpet? Did you drop your paint roller or accidentally splatter some paint on the floor? If the paint’s still wet you can use a thick sponge to soak it up. After removing as much as you can, use a dry cloth on the spot to continue to soak up the paint. If the paint’s dry, there are many different paint removers that can be used to get the paint out of your carpet and even remove it from baseboards or other areas that it may have accidentally splattered. You can always call Eagle Painting Company to ask which product is the best to use.

3. Wrinkled Paint

Are you finding areas where the paint wrinkled? If the room you’re painting is either too hot or too cold, the paint can sometimes wrinkle if it was applied to heavily or you didn’t wait long enough between applying the different coats of paint. This just requires a little sanding to fix. When the paint is dry, use sandpaper to sand the wrinkled areas off, then prime and repaint.

4. Painter’s Tape Issues

Did you have trouble with paint peeling off when you removed the painter’s tape? That can happen if the tape’s been left on too long. It’s recommended to take the painter’s tape off about an hour after you’ve finished your paint job. If you’re running in to this problem, wait for the paint to dry, then use a razor blade to cut the rest of it away. Sand the problem areas until they’re smooth, then prime and repaint.

5. Bleeding Color

Are you having trouble with the original wall color showing through your new interior painting job? That may be happening if you forgot to apply primer before you painted. You can make interior painting easier by using products that have both the primer and the paint all in one. Call Eagle Painting Company if you’d like advice on the best products to buy, or if you’d like help fixing your interior painting job.

More Problems?

Eagle Painting Company is an expert at helping people fix interior painting jobs they tried on their own. They can help you get the results you had in mind when you started. Eagle Painting Company in Keller, Southlake, and Colleyville TX is a reputable exterior and interior painting company with over 30 years of experience and has been providing excellent quality and efficient service since 1985. For more information or to get a free estimate, contact us at 817-333-8866.

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