Exterior Painters: Commercial & Residential Exterior Painting Contractor in McKinney, TX

There is a lot to consider when painting the exteriors of homes in McKinney, and also in looking for an exterior house painter to do the job. Eagle Painting Company in McKinney has exterior painting contractors that know that outdoor paints need increased pigment and resin, and more resilient additives to survive. Our painters know how to assess your house, and they know how to use that assessment to utilize their paint chemistry knowledge and understanding of paint application techniques that will best work for your house specifically.

Professionals That Take Every Consideration into Account When it Comes to Exterior Painting

Our exterior painting contractors know that exterior paints must handle all the weather elements that McKinney experiences: rain, snow, wind, extreme temperature fluctuations and UV rays. Improper painting and/or paint can show up later in the form of cracks and blisters, or dusting. Moisture leads to mold and mildew; the proper paint can keep the wetness to a minimum. And components like increased resin, pigment and more resilient additives can help the paint stand up to even severe weather situations.

Types of Exterior Painting Around McKinney

Our exterior house painters are both trained and experienced in all types of exterior house painting, including doors, shutters, gutters, siding, masonry, porches, patios and all types of wood staining and other painting services you would need around McKinney. Our painters specialize in both commercial and residential painting, two disciplines that overlap and crossover in their work—leading to a more professional result that you will enjoy for years to come. Chose us—we will help you achieve the results you envision.

McKinney’s Climate: When to Repaint

The basic rule when considering an exterior house repaint is 7-10 years, but varying factors include building materials and the climate around McKinney can change that. Homes with large exposed exterior areas need new exterior painting every five years. Eagle Painting Company offers a free evaluation to appraise if it is indeed time for a repaint. If it is time, then our exterior painters will carefully assess your house to decide on the proper painting techniques and correct paint types for your property.

Providing McKinney With Superior Painting Services and Proven Experience

At Eagle Painting in McKinney, we are adept in residential and commercial painting projects. Being taught and experienced in both means our painters have more knowledge of application processes and paint chemistry in their repertoire to use in your project. We also do interior painting and exterior painting, and even cabinets. Eagle has been in business since 1985, is insured, and has a three-year fully-transferable warranty. Please reach out to us for more information, or to schedule a free consultation appointment.