Exterior Painters: Commercial & Residential Exterior Painting Contractor in Lewisville, TX

Exterior house painting has a multitude of considerations, but Eagle Painting Company’s exterior house painters in Lewisville have you covered when it comes to all of them. Our exterior painters know that chemically, paint with increased pigment and resin combined with more resilient additives survives much better and for much longer in the sometimes-harsh climate of Lewisville. Our painters will assess your house and use that assessment to utilize their paint chemistry knowledge and understanding of paint application techniques that will best work for your specific house.

Types of Exterior Painting Around Lewisville

Our exterior house painters are experienced and thoroughly trained in all aspects of exterior house painting, including but not limited to siding, masonry, porches, patios, gutters, doors and shutters. They can also stain wood and even perform minor repairs. Our painters specialize in both commercial and residential painting, two disciplines that overlap and crossover in their work—leading to a more professional result that you will enjoy for years to come. Choose us—we will achieve the look you envision.

Lewisville’s Climate: When to Repaint

Generally, the exterior of a house needs to be repainted every 7-10 years. But the climate around Lewisville can drastically change that along with the building materials that were used in the construction of your home. Eagle Painting provides advice on whether it is time to repaint as part of our free evaluation. If it is time to proceed with your project, then our exterior painting contractors will carefully assess your house to decide on the proper painting techniques and correct paint types for your specific situation.

Traits of Exterior Paint

Our exterior painting contractors know that exterior paint needs to withstand temperature fluctuations, UV rays, wind, rain and mildew caused by the climate around Lewisville. By increasing resin and pigment, and by adding more resilient additives, the paint toughens for outdoor climates. Exterior projects tend to have a larger variety of materials to paint, and our exterior painters know how to handle them all. Another consideration- exterior paints also need sunlight to cure, so we schedule according to weather forecasts.

Superior Painting in Lewisville With Proven Experience

At Eagle Painting in Lewisville, we specialize in both commercial painting and residential painting projects. Being accomplished in both makes our painters discerning and well-rounded, and that comes out in the quality of the finished project. We also do interior painting and exterior painting. We have been in business since 1985, are insured, and our workmanship is backed by our three-year fully-transferable warranty. Please contact us for more information, or to schedule a free consultation appointment.