Cabinet Painters: Cabinet Painting & Refinishing in Lewisville, TX

Cabinet refinishing is a great, inexpensive alternative to refacing or replacing the cabinets. Our cabinet painters in Lewisville have a wide variety of techniques in their repertoire to achieve any result through painting, the deep look that comes with gel-staining, or even the elegance and sophistication of faux finishes and antique highlights. You work directly with your own personal color specialist to tack down the results you envision, then our cabinet painters will go to work and achieve that look.

A Lewisville Company Specializing in Faux Finish and Antique Highlights

Our cabinet painting company in Lewisville can bring another time period or region of the world right into your home, all through a cabinet repaint. Faux finishing is a great option to transform a room. There is even the option to add antique highlights to create depth, dimension and texture to any cabinets. You will work with your own personal color specialist to bridge the gap between what you envision and how we will make that come to life for you.

Improving Lewisville Homes Through Painted Cabinets

Our cabinet painting company knows that to get the renovated and refreshed look for your cabinets, sometimes merely painting them is the perfect solution. Our expert cabinet painters in Lewisville have a multitude of tools and techniques that they use to conquer the highly-detailed process of cabinet refinishing so they can focus on even the smallest details. You will work directly with your own personal color specialist to help take the look and feel you envisioned and bring it to life.

Gel-Stained Cabinets from A Quality Painting Company in Lewisville

If you’ve seen cabinets that gleam and glow with a polished gloss look, either someone is painstakingly maintaining them or they are gel-stained. Gel-stains sit on the surface and highlight the character of the wood by not obscuring it while also adding depth and color. The gels spread uniformly over the entire surface regardless of texture. They will also color the entire surface evenly, highlighting the wood’s unique texture and markings with a consistent, crisp finish that comes with gel-staining.

Superior Painting in Lewisville With Proven Experience

At Eagle Painting in Lewisville, we specialize in both commercial painting and residential painting projects. Being accomplished in both makes our painters discerning and well-rounded, and that comes out in the quality of the finished project. We also do interior painting and exterior painting. We have been in business since 1985, are insured, and our workmanship is backed by our three-year fully-transferable warranty. Please contact us for more information, or to schedule a free consultation appointment.