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Interior Painting for the Chemically Sensitive

Are you Sensitive to the chemicals in the paint? What do you do when you need a fresh interior painting for you home in Dallas Fort Worth?

We understand the Challenges for Chemically sensitive when it comes to interior painting.

Everyone loves the fresh look a new coat of paint can give to a room, but for those who are chemically sensitive, interior painting can present some special challenges.  Fortunately, there are solutions to help those who want to do some updating to their home without compromising their sensitivities. Interior Painting Chemically Sensitive

Determining how sensitive are you to Chemicals in paint

Some people are extra sensitive to chemicals that can be found in paint and other materials. Others, like pregnant women or those with small children typically are mindful of the potential chemical exposure that paint can present to their families.  Paint manufacturers have addressed these issues and now offer a multitude of good quality paints with low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).  Paint makers will label these paints as “low odor” or “low VOC”.  Reducing the VOCs in these paints by no means reduces their quality, texture or color.

What temperature and time of the year is best for interior painting dealing with Chemically sensitive

For those who are chemically sensitive, they may want to consider doing their renovation work in warmer temperatures, when they will be able to open windows of their home to ensure good cross ventilation.  Also, using fans to keep the air flow moving throughout the newly painted room(s) will help dissipate any chemical smells.  A good quality respirator mask, made specifically for painting, can also be worn by those especially sensitive.  These masks can be found at any hardware store that carries painting supplies.

We are here to Help!

With a little planning and forethought, even those with special challenges can enjoy a fresh updated look that a new color of paint offers to any room of a home.  For more information about low VOC paints and your home improvement projects, please contact us.

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