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How To Paint With A Roller Like A Pro?

Have you ever tried to paint your own home and wondered how painting professionals deliver flawless and smooth finish? House painting can be complicated for non-professional painters with little or no house painting expertise. Seeing strokes, lines and roller drips on your freshly painted wall can be very frustrating. They speak loudly about your amateur painting skills. But, if you want to try to paint your house by yourself, this article provides tips on using a paint roller like a pro. Appropriate tools for the job For best results, it’s good to prepare your tools before starting the paint job. For a roll on paint job you will need the following: Bucket of capacity 5-gallon Bucket screen or painting tray Paint Roller Cover Roller Frame Extender Handle Do not buy the discounted paint roller kit from your local hardware store. This might be a tempting deal, but kits like that have really poor quality. If you spend a little more, you can get good quality products that will help deliver better results. For a smooth finish, you will need a roller that has a shorter nap and is shed-resistant with a plastic core. Applying paint on the walls Before you begin applying paint on your wall, remove loose fibers from the roller surface. Do this even if you are using a shed-resistant roller cover. Once all the loose fibers are removed, you are ready to begin your house painting task. Dip the cover in the paint bucket or tray multiple times until it is fully loaded with paint. The paint roller should be evenly covered for an ideal finish. It must not drip when moved and should support easy paint application. Avoid painting in straight lines. Roll the paint in a ‘W’ pattern over a 2 to 3 foot wall section. Move the roller in the same pattern to the unpainted area for complete coverage, overlap the previous pattern slightly while moving towards the next section. Repeat this process until the wall is completely painted. Few Bonus Tips If the painting job requires large quantities of the same color, mix color from the previous can to the new can to maintain color consistency. Always carry a wet cloth while painting to clear up any paint spills that may happen. Paint in the downward direction, beginning from the top of the wall. If painting becomes difficult, avoid pressing the roller against the wall while painting as this will cause ridges to develop along the edge of the roller lines. Instead, reload the roller with more paint to get better coverage. Hopefully, these tips will help you in the future. But taking up a roll paint job on your own can be quite complicated and laborious. Hiring a painting company can get your job done effectively, handily and speedily. Eagle Painting Company in Keller, Southlake, and Colleyville, TX provides professional and high-quality painting solutions for home interiors and exteriors. For more information, contact us at 817 333 8866. Our house painters are ready to help you!