House Painters: Interior & Exterior Residential Painting in Grapevine, TX

When it comes to increasing the resale value of a home, a lot of people think of complex remodeling jobs that involve a lot of equipment and crews. However, it's possible to give your residence in Grapevine a complete renovation a much easier way: by adding just a few new coats of paint to the walls. When homeowners want an updated look for the interior or exterior of their place, they call Eagle Painting Company because they know we have a quality residential painting team. The work that our painting contractors do helps increase the values of properties in Grapevine while adding to the satisfaction clients have with their home.

Hire Professionals for House Painting

Have you ever taken on a painting project and found it to be a more intensive and extensive job than you first thought? How about doing it yourself and stepping back at the end to realize you didn’t have a very steady hand and did sloppy work? There are a lot of reasons that DIY house painting is not recommended, and in Grapevine, we advise leaving it up to those who know what they are doing like the painters on our staff. Eagle Painting Company’s painting contractors have all the necessary tools and equipment to coat the inside or outside of your residence in Grapevine.

Picking a Color Palette in Grapevine

Deciding what color or shade scheme you want for your home is an important choice that will have a lot of effect on your living situation, so you want to make the right decision. We have color specialists on staff in Grapevine to work with clients and brainstorm ideas for how they want the property to look. We can give you insight on trends and what certain colors communicate in terms of mood and attitude, and coupled with your preferences, can together come up with what pigments to use.

Offering a New Customer Discount

Hiring Eagle Painting Company for your home’s next interior or exterior painting job is an investment that will show immediately and will pay off in the long run. We are offering an excellent discount for new customers who hire us for residential painting and place a sign advertising our work in their yard to let their neighbors know where their quality paint job came from. Customers in Grapevine that put up an Eagle Painting Company sign will receive 20% off jobs over $500.

Call Our Expert Painters in Grapevine

At Eagle Painting Company in Grapevine, we’ll always ensure that the final product is something that you will be happy with for years to come. Contact us today for a free estimate, and we’ll provide you with prompt, honest service.