Texture Painting: Glazes, Texturizing & Faux Painting in Fort Worth, TX

Do you want to transform a part of your property without having to undergo a full remodel? If so, you should know that Eagle Painting Company of Fort Worth has a team of highly skilled painters who specialize in faux, glaze, and texture painting. Our hand glazing approach can add depth and dimension to the colors you have chosen to live up your home or business. We can also apply a multitude of textures to add complexity to flat surfaces. The main difference between faux paint and glaze painting is that glaze will result in a smooth finish, while faux painting can retain some character when touched. If you are looking to add a layer of refinement to your Fort Worth home or business, call us today for a free estimate of our faux texture and or glaze painting services.

Interior Texture Painting in Fort Worth

Whether you want to recreate an old-word or modern aesthetic in your Fort Worth property or simply want to add some texture to your walls or ceiling, our texture painting experts can bring your vision to life. We can recreate real-world textures through various faux painting and glazing techniques with surprising detail. Faux glaze texture painting will result in a smooth finish to the touch, while texture paint may result in mimicking the actual texture or be flat to the touch.

Faux Painting in Fort Worth

Faux painting is a perfect texture painting option for creating the illusion that your wall is made out a different material than it was actually constructed from; e.g., wood, marble, copper, even denim. This is a great alternative to wallpaper, which suffer in Fort Worth’s climate. Our skilled painters can recreate a myriad of old-world designs and materials or accommodate modern forms. We can give your Fort Worth property’s bathroom the illusion of having marble, stone, or tile without the increase material premium. The only limit to faux painting is your imagination. Faux painting is great for changing the perceived size of a room via color and texture affecting your eyes’ impression of the space.

Fort Worth’s Glaze Painting Specialists

Glaze painting allows adds dimension and depth to a texture, patter, or color to a Fort Worth home or business. This technique gives the impression of texture while remaining smooth to the touch. Our masterful painters accomplish this technique all by hand, giving it a human sense of warmth and elegance, which elevates a room from ordinary to indelible.

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At Eagle Painting Company in Fort Worth, we’ll always ensure that the final product is something that you will be happy with for years to come. Contact us today for a free estimate and we’ll provide you with prompt, honest service.