House Painters: Interior & Exterior Residential Painting in Fort Worth, TX

Eagle Painting Company is the leading residential painting company in Fort Worth. We posses over three decades of experience with interior as well as exterior house painting and our network of licensed master painters can guarantee paramount service both in and out of your Fort Worth home. As an added service to you, our company offers cabinet painting and refinishing as well as exterior wood painting and staining services. Eagle Painting Company has the means to accommodate any residential painting needs you may have while providing bar-none customer service.

Fort Worth’s Residential Interior Painting Specialists

Our interior house painting company’s residential painters are aware that certain rooms require paint with specific properties. For example, a bathroom requires paint that can handle increased humidity, whereas a kitchen needs paint that resists the harshness of cooking and elevated foot traffic and foyers demand paint resistant to Fort Worth’s temperature fluctuations. Our painting contractors possess the skills needed to tackle the detailed process of painting and refinishing cabinets. Our painters utilize a unique caulking technique, which is preferable to simple painter’s tape and allows them to paint perfectly straight lines.   

World-Class Residential Faux Painting and Glazing Services in Fort Worth

Eagle Painting Company’s network of house painting contractors possess the skill to indulge a wide array of faux finishes, textures, and glazes. We are equipped to imitate a multitude of natural as well as artificial materials and reproduce antique styles—imagination is the only restraint. Glaze painting can add texture and depth to colors while maintaining a smooth touch. This practice can give your Fort Worth property’s walls and or ceilings a multi-layered, blended, effect that will have your guests stunned. Allow our world-class house painters to refresh your home’s aesthetic.

Fort Worth’s Go-To Residential Exterior Painting Company

Bring new life to your Forth Worth home’s exterior with the residential painting expertise of Eagle Painting Company. Our house painters are equipped with the materials necessary to handle a myriad of exterior building substances—be it brick, stucco, wood or vinyl siding. Our color designers will aid you in adding character to the exterior of your Fort Worth home by emphasizing or accenting shutters, doors, gutters, and more. Our range of exterior painting services extends to sheds, detached garages, as well as exterior wood staining of decks, arbors, fences, and various other external structures.

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At Eagle Painting Company in Fort Worth, we’ll always ensure that the final product is something that you will be happy with for years to come. Contact us today for a free estimate and we’ll provide you with prompt, honest service.