Cabinet Faux Painting & Gel-Staining in Fort Worth, TX

Eagle Painting company is Fort Worth’s leading faux finishing and cabinet staining company. Our contractors are adept at replicating a wide array of textures, materials, and vintage styles on cabinets and have won awards for their faux painting services. To save you time and money on stripping and re-staining your hardwood cabinets, we also offer Fort Worth property owners the alternative of cabinet gel-staining. Cabinet staining using a gel-stain requires less preparation than traditional staining and has the ability to mask or blend the underlying colors, all while preserving the natural texture and grain your cabinet’s wood. We employ professional, customer service oriented, painters who will guarantee that your Fort Worth home or business will be elevated from mundane to memorable.

Cabinet Gel-Staining in Fort Worth

If your Fort Worth home has stunning hardwood cabinets that are showing their age or have yellowed due to a lacquer finish, then gel-stain is the cabinet staining solution for you. Unlike traditional stains and finishes, gel-stain does not require us to completely strip the existing finish off your cabinets—saving you time and money. Gel-stain is like paint, in that it can be built up over a series of coats, which is great for blending out the underlying color or uneven yellow tint lacquer suffers from. Eagle Painting Company’s cabinet gel-staining will preserve the wonderful grain and texture of your hardwood cabinets, and the polyurethane topcoat we apply will preserve the color and protecting them from heat and humidity.

Cabinet Faux Finishes in Fort Worth

Are you looking to add a sense of Old World charm to your Fort Worth home or business? If so, you should know that our painters have the expertise to accommodate any faux finish you may fancy for your cabinets. We have the skill to mimic a wide array of materials and textures—whether it is marble, patinaed copper, or stone—our faux painting techniques will add that element of elegance to your home or business without the added material cost of an outright remodel.

Award Winning Faux Finishes

Eagle Painting Company is an award-winning cabinet faux painting company in Fort Worth that has earned multiple “Best in Show for Faux Finishes” awards. You can trust that our network of faux painting contractors will give your rooms the utmost attention to detail and provide you with years of satisfaction.

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