Exterior Painting: Should You Paint or Stain Your Deck?

Should paint or stain your deck?

Deciding between painting or staining your deck is an important decision to make when determining what you want the exterior of your home to look like. When considering whether to stain or paint your deck, it’s important to consult an expert like Eagle Painting Company. Here are some things to consider when making the decision between painting or staining:

Do you want to maintain the wood grain lines and texture in your deck’s appearance?

If so, then staining your deck will preserve that natural look and give it a “like-new” appearance. A semi-transparent stain to add the stain tinting colors without sacrificing the texture of the wood.

Do want to stain your deck, but want a deeper color?

If so, an opaque stain will enhance the color. Also, because of its higher concentration of additives, it will cover the wood grain more significantly. You’ll still be able to see the wood grain up-close, but your deck’s new color will be more noticeable than its natural texture —especially from far away.

Do you want a significant change?

You might prefer painting your deck if it’s old or has already been re-finished multiple times. In that case, painting your deck can give it that “like-new” appearance. Colors that blend easily with most home exteriors include white, gray, and other neutral colors. You could also paint it a shade of brown which is common.

Oil based products vs. water based

When you’ve decided to paint your deck, your exterior painting company will know whether you should use an oil based paint or a water-based paint on your deck. Oil based paint products penetrate exterior materials easily and are commonly used on distressed wood, but they can require more applications, are affected by UV rays, and penetrate the wood permanently. Water based paint products are more durable under extreme weather conditions and are less likely to crack and peel. If your deck’s surface has previously been painted or stained with an oil based product, a water based product may work better with adhering to the surface.

Want More Advice on Improving your Home’s Exterior Painting?

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