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Choosing Exterior Painting Colors

Selecting exterior painting colors is a big decision and often an expensive one. Use our tips to make sure you choose the right color palette for your home.

The color of your house is one of the biggest style determinants making or breaking its curb appeal. When choosing an exterior painting color, consider how your home’s exterior painting will fit in with the other homes in your neighborhood, especially if they’re in close proximity to your home.

House Exterior Painting

You may want your home to blend seamlessly with its natural surroundings. If you have a lot of green foliage surrounding your home, earthy tones work well. An off-white or cream colored color really pops against a lush backdrop while brown shutters and trim keep it firmly grounded in its setting

A taupe or brown colored exterior takes the back seat to nature completely, which is a good choice if your house is situated on a lake, or surrounded by trees. Adding white trim to a taupe or brown exterior maintains the classic look and keeps brown exteriors from becoming too bland.

House Exterior Painting

For a subtle hint of color, try muted golden tones as an accent color. They coordinate well, but add just enough color to give the look a kick. If you want your home to take the backseat to nature entirely, go with a monochromatic brown color scheme, using varying shades for minimal emphasis.

If your home already has a focal point such as a red roof or brick work, utilize a palette that works with existing hues and does not visually compete. For example, cream exteriors are understated, but definitely aren’t overshadowed by a vibrant red roof. Add dark green shutters to that color palette to emphasize the home’s architectural features and balance the roof’s strong color.

House Exterior Painting

For a stately and classic look, consider white. It works well on traditional homes as well as contemporary ones. Punctuate the look with color on accents such as shutters, doors, or trim work. Black and dark green are timeless accents on a white facade. If you prefer a white exterior, stark white is typically not the best choice. Instead, try a white with a hint of cream or taupe to tie your home more closely to its environment.

Regardless of what color scheme you choose, it’s important to spend a few extra dollars on high quality paint to avoid premature peeling and spotting.

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