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Eagle Painting’s Cabinetry Services

Eagle Painting might be known as the premier residential painting company in Keller, Texas, but we’re not limited to offering interior and exterior painting services. In fact, it might come as a surprise to some, but we go a step further than that by also offering cabinetry services. 

Our team’s painting, staining, and texturing expertise will not only enhance but completely transform some of the key areas within your home where your cabinets play a prominent role. That would usually include your home’s kitchen and bathroom, which will seem unrecognizable in the most positive way possible. They’ll look better than ever and serve as a pleasant surprise for any guest or visitor to your home!

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Your cabinets are going to benefit from the combined skills and experience of our painters. They’ll work on your project with a high degree of professionalism that guarantees your expectations are not just met but exceeded.

Advantages of Painting Your Cabinets

Your cabinets play a major role in how your interior spaces – such as kitchens and bathrooms – look. Not only are they a factor in the overall look, but also in terms of the kind of style and feel that you want to go for in those spaces. 

However, you might into a problem if you simply decide to replace your cabinets to provide that much-needed update to your home’s look. That option is simply too expensive to even consider as it’s likely to cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Then there’s also the possibility that you’ll end up with a complicated mess when you try to replace all your cabinets.

Our cabinetry services will help you avoid those possible complications because we’re going with a simpler and more effective option. By having your cabinets painted instead, you’re going to go with the more cost-effective option, but also have plenty of color options to choose from. Your cabinets will look new and better than they’ve ever been, while you save on money, time, and effort.

Our Cabinet Painting Process

When it comes to our painting process, we can say that it’s quite flexible in favor of what our customers want. Our team can easily come up with a customized painting plan for our customers. We’ll customize the painting plan according to their budget as well as the style or look that they want to achieve.

There are two options that we offer for our cabinet painting service customers. The first one is what we usually recommend to most of our customers – spray painting. It’s what we recommend for a reason and that’s the shiny, smooth, and flawless finish. The result is that the cabinet is going to look like it’s new. Multiple coats will be applied to ensure an even and lasting finish. We’ll check to see to it that there are no blemishes or drips on the surface.

For those customers who have a limited budget, we can offer the more traditional brush and roll painting option. Your cabinets are still going to be transformed although you can’t expect the kind of finish that spray painting is able to give. Still, it’s a nice and budget-friendly option.

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