Brick Painting

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Eagle Painting’s Brick Painting Service

Our brick painting service can be considered an extension of our exterior painting service. Both services are highlighted by our deep commitment to providing the best results for our customers and adding value to the aesthetic and overall value of their homes.

A lot of homeowners choose brick exteriors because they add character as well as a unique texture to their homes. While those are good reasons, the fact of the matter is that brick exteriors can also detract from the overall value of a home, as certain colors of the brick will do that.

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If you don’t want to avoid the pitfalls of using a brick exterior or simply don’t want to be bored by its appearance, you can choose to paint it instead. Yes, that’s an option that’s open to homeowners that have homes with brick exteriors.

At Eagle Painting, we offer our own high-quality brick painting service. We can help transform your brick exterior into a space that exudes not just aesthetic impact but also contribute significantly to the overall value of your home.

Brick Painting as an Alternative

We offer brick painting as a sound alternative for you and other homeowners. There are some homeowners who might be hesitant about choosing it because once the brick exterior’s painted, then there’s no turning back from it. That’s true, but you can also think about the positive impact that the change will have on your home. It will become somewhat more welcoming than it did before. If you want to learn more about brick painting as an alternative for you, we can provide you with more information.

Benefits of Brick Painting

If you’re still undecided about giving your brick exterior a fresh coat of paint, then you might want to learn about some of its benefits. It might help convince you that getting that paint for your bricks is the right thing to do.

Aesthetic Benefits

Let’s face it, the natural color and appearance of bricks don’t exactly make the space look appealing or welcoming at all. By choosing lighter paint colors, your home’s brick exterior will look a lot more cheerful and inviting and there’s no doubt that it’s what you would like for your home.

Added Protection

Bricks are prone to wear and tear from the elements. They’re particularly susceptible to the effects of water. Even though it’s quite tough and durable compared to other materials, it’s still going to be worn down after a while. Our high-quality paint and primer will solve that by adding an extra layer of protection.

Our Brick Painting Process

As the number one residential painting company in Keller, we’re specialists in exterior painting. We understand the need to be careful when painting a surface such as brick. And we definitely know the difference when it comes to it and other surfaces.

We use power washing to achieve a clean surface. Dirt and grime need to be removed thoroughly before we even start painting.

We’re going to check the bricks after we cleaned them. There might be areas in the bricks that have cracks or gaps and need to be filled or sealed.

We’ll apply a masonry-specific primer. After the primer has been applied, a few coats of exterior paint will be painted on the surface of the bricks.

Once the work is done, we’ll make a final inspection with you and then clean everything up after.

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