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When it’s Best to Hire a Painting Professional

Thinking of DIYing your home paint job?

For many homeowners, DIY is their first choice, especially for something as common as a paining update. Unlike many home improvement projects there are no building codes or regulations preventing homeowners from doing the work themselves. There is also just something immensely satisfying about being able to say, “We did this, ourselves.” Another influencing factor is that labor typically amounts to 80 to 85% of the price of painting job, so homeowners can save buckets of money by doing the job themselves. There are sometimes instances where a painting professional may be a better choice for your new painting project. For a few points to check into to help you make this decision, read on!

Is your project an interior or exterior paint job?

Inside is generally a DIY heaven. Solid flooring, reachable ceilings, bright working lighting. Outside, uneven ground can create an unsafe setting for ladders and working high on the walls. Morning dew and other weather conditions can create paint-adhesion problems. Rain can completely wipe away a day’s painting in a few minutes. For most homeowners, interior painting projects on a home with intact floors and lighting make a good choice for doing it yourself, but exterior painting is usually when a paint professional should be contacted.

Are you painting one room only, or your whole house?Hire A Painting Professional Interior Painting

One room can usually be completed in one day, easily, especially if it is just a touch-up type of job. You still need to consider the preparation time, which can include moving or covering furniture, prepping walls, and sanding old trims down to a workable level. If you are wanting a whole-home update, then a professional may be your go-to solution. The work becomes exponentially increased when you think of doing a whole house, instead of just one room or wall. So, that is definitely something to consider.

Is your home one story or multiple?

One story may be within the ambitious range for a homeowner and their family, albeit a challenge. A home with two or more stories usually involves extension ladders and scaffolding, so a contractor is probably your best bet.

Are the walls newly installed, or do they need a lot of TLC before painting?

If you recently remodeled the room or rooms in question, your contractor may have left a smoothly-finished wall for you to jump right in and paint away. However, if your walls or siding need a lot work with scraping, spackling, and maybe even sanding, the project can easily double in time and effort. In that case, you may want to think of a painting professional instead of doing it yourself.

Are you just brightening up the same color, or making a drastic change?

Repainting a wall with a similar color is usually simple and fast. You may need some spot priming and a finishing coat, but it is very quick to do yourself. Dramatically changing the color of your walls, though, will easily double the painting, requires at least two coats for full coverage and no show-through. A painting professional might be warranted to give you the results you crave, in less time than it would take you to do it yourself.

Are your walls “mostly wall,” or is there a lot of trim and woodwork, too?

A roller can easily whip out the painting on a sheet of unobstructed drywall, but if there is a lot of trim, window casings, or cornice moldings, the detail work can easily drive you crazy if you try to Do It Yourself. A professional painter has the experience and skill, not to mention the tools of perfect painting, to complete these detail-oriented projects fast and with less hassle than if you tried it on your home.

Was your home built before 1978?

If your home was constructed before the ban on lead-based paints was implemented in 1978, then you may easily be into professional territory. There are lead paint-certified professionals who can properly seal off potentially harmful rooms so that the paint can be tested, and they have the tools and procedures to perform proper cleanup to minimize your family’s exposure to lead paint dust and particulates. These types of services may sound expensive, but they are usually not as bad as you would imagine, because it is rather a necessity for homes built before 1978 to come up to code.

So, when is it best to hire a painting professional? Interior Painting Makeovers Dallas Fort Worth

Generally, you may want to hire a painting contractor if your project could potentially involve any or all of the following:
  • Upper-level work (two or more stories, interior or exterior)
  • Whole house jobs
  • Rooms that need a lot of preparation work
  • New colors or drastic, dramatic color changes
  • Rooms with lots of trim and detail work required
  • Potential lead paint contamination (homes built before 1978, and have not been repainted)
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